Class description
Students who want to discover her style will learn: the history dancehall , basic groove, name of step, musicality technic, understand the different style, develloping memory by repet movements and choreography.

In a friendly atmosphere the students will get strong and clear information and will be able to develop their personal style. !!!Class energy!!!

Participate in an open class with Evee Smile, Kwal Alliance Kingz,
Cassie Dancer, Celine Cecile, Biboo And Dhaf. 
Come and discover the Jamaican culture though dancehall.

Biboo Sonia: Dancehall Teen 19,00 – 20.00
Cassie Dance, (Hold Up Squad): Afro 20,00 – 21.00
Place: La Maison Queneau
24-26 Rue Raymond Queneau – 75018 Paris

Dhaf (Vybz ConneXion): Fuzao Fitness 20.00 – 21.00
Place: La Maison Queneau
24-26 Rue Raymond Queneau – 75018 Paris

Evee Smile (Hold Up Crew): Dancehall “Gyal Style” 20.00 – 21.15
Kwal: (Aliance Kingz): Dancehall 21.15 – 22.30
Place: studio Re-Corps
16 A Bd Reuilly – 75012 Paris

One Class : 13 €
Clipcard (5 Unit) : 55 €
Clipcard (10 Unit) : 105 €
1 Year (september-june) 290 €


Evee Smile
Evee is a dancer, choreographer and art director. In 2004, she began her multidisciplinary dance school in Paris and aquired her style while traveling from New York to Los Angeles through Kingston to learn the basics of old school hip-hop / new school and dancehall.

Being versatile, Evee gets her experience through meetings with artists and choreographers, with theater companies and other collaborations with f.ex. Admiral T, Lord Kossity, Big Ali etc.
Evee is also a freestyle dancer. She has participated in and won many competitions in France and abroad (War da killa, Top up battle, Big up kemp, Crush yard, HDI …)

After several stays in Jamaica alongside some of the greatest dancers (Elite Team, Team Ical Riff, Black Eagleas, Dance Xpressionz, Orville, Latonya Danceja.) Evee finds her inspiration and the desire to pass on her experience through the “Dancehall Jamaican Vybz “dance classes which are focused on teaching dancehall.

The goal: To pass on her passion, knowledge, promote Dancehall culture and develop a “positive values-movement”.

Today, while remaining an artistic director of Jamaican Dancehall-Vybz, Evee Smile is a leader and member of Hold Up Crew. She teaches, judges and choreographs in France and abroad (Denmark, Guyana, Sweden, Romania, Senegal, Norway ….)